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CbC Reporting Form 231 approved in Spain

Published in TPS

The Official Gazette publishes today the Ministry’s Order approving the Form 231 for the Country by Country Reporting.

This tax form must be filed Spanish-resident ultimate parent company or dessignated entities for groups with a consolidated turnover amounting to at least 750 million euros. The filing period starts at the year-end of the parent company and lasts for 12 months.

Spanish-resident subsidiaries are also obliged to file Form 231 when the ultimate parent company or the designated entity reside in a tax jurisdiction not having CbC reporting obligations, nor an automatic tax information exchange agreement with Spain, nor effective information exhange with the Spansih Tax Authorities.

More information: Official Gazette (in Spanish)

Separately, any Spanish resident company or permanent establishment must report to the Spanish Tax Auhtorities about the name and tax justisdiction of the ultimate parenet company and designated entity to file CbC reporting by year-end (for most companies the deadline is tomorrow). An electronic reqest form has been enabled in the tax authorities’ website for these purposes.