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Please read carefully the Privacy Policy of our Website.
This way you can have all the legal information and understand more clearly why and how we will treat your personal data, the legal justification that protects us in each case, or the rights you have, among other issues.
First of all it is necessary to clarify that when we talk about “personal data”, we are referring to any information about you, such as your name and surname, your address, your e-mail address, your telephone number, if you are of legal age or if you are especially interested in any of our activities. Of course, we will treat all the data you provide us with in full and strict compliance with all the legal requirements that apply to us. We say this because at Fundación Bancaria Ibercaja we attach great importance to your privacy and your intimacy, and we strive to protect it.
That said, in this Data Protection Policy you have the general legal information about the use we are going to make of your personal data, whether anyone else is going to access it, whether we are going to keep it or use it for other purposes, or the different rights that the law grants you to protect your privacy. You should also know that when in each specific case we will inform you of all the specific privacy conditions applicable to the different events, activities or services in which you may be interested.
In relation to what we told you in the previous paragraph, we must also clarify that all the information regarding the use of cookies and the data we collect from your browsing on our website (what information we collect, what use we will make of it, and what you can do about it) is available to you in due detail in our “Cookies Policy”.

Who is responsible for processing your data?

The entity responsible for processing your personal data is International Transfer Pricing Specialists, S.L. (“TPS”), established in Madrid, at calle de la Basílica nº 19, 4ª Planta (CP 28020 Madrid, Spain).
Telephone: +34 910 376 958
E-mail address:

For what purpose, and legal basis, do we use your data?

In TPS we will treat your personal data in order to respond to any request you may make. In particular, we will be able to deal with them to manage and respond to your queries, to send you information on new transfer pricing developments, on the activities of our company, as well as to give you all the information you need about our services.
Having said the above, we will indicate the legal basis that allows us to treat your personal data according to the use we are going to make of it in each case. Like this:

a) Legitimate interest:

On the one hand, we will treat your personal data in order to provide you with our help whenever you request it, both through the form on our website and through any of our contact telephone numbers or e-mail addresses. We refer, for example, to the request for any kind of information about our professional services.
Similarly, if you have previously contracted with us for any type of service or participated in any other type of event that we have organized from TPS, we will treat your data to send you information about other services or similar activities.
In these cases, we understand that the Foundation has a legitimate interest in using the information you provide us with, and with it to respond to all the requests you make, something that we believe does not harm your privacy or harm your expectations of privacy.

b) Compliance with the contractual relationship:

On the other hand, if you ask us to, we may also process your data to facilitate the provision of the services you contract with TPS.
We understand that in these cases we need to process your personal data in order to be able to register you, be part of the activity in question, or provide you with the services you have requested.

c) Compliance with a legal obligation:

There will also be occasions when we must use your personal data to comply with certain legal obligations that apply to us; in these cases and as far as possible, we will inform you of this and of the rule that imposes it on us.

d) Consent:

In order to process your data for matters that are not necessary to fulfil the contract with you or that are not legally binding, or for which we do not have a legitimate interest, we will need your prior authorisation.
Thus, for example, we will need your previous authorization for the case in which you ask us to subscribe to our newsletter.
However, when this happens we will inform you in detail about what we want to use your data for and how we want to use it. And of course we will ask for your authorization, which you can freely refuse or, if you grant it to us, withdraw when you deem it appropriate.

Are we going to share your personal data with anyone?

Absolutely not. The data you provide us with is for the exclusive use of TPS and we will not transfer your data to any other company.

How long will we keep your data?

At TPS we will keep the information you provide us for the time strictly necessary to manage and respond to what you have requested. Once we have given you an answer, we will only keep your data in order to be able to make them available to the Courts and Tribunals, or any competent Administration, in the event of any claim. We will keep these data, but duly blocked, only for this purpose and during the legally established periods of limitation.
We may have a legal obligation (e.g. relating to the prevention of money laundering) to retain your data for a longer period of time if you have contracted one of our services. For each case, we will inform you how long we must keep and use your personal data.

What are your rights when you give us your data?

The law gives you a number of rights, which you should know and can exercise to protect your privacy. We are mainly referring to your right to:

  1. Confirm whether or not we are processing your personal data at TPS and, if so, (a) access them, (b) request their rectification if you believe they are inaccurate or, if so, (c) request their deletion when, among other reasons, you consider that they are no longer necessary, taking into account what you gave them to us for.
  2. If we use your personal information to create behavioral profiles (for example, to better understand your interests and needs through browsing our Website), and we do so in a fully automated manner, you have the right to be informed of this, or simply to express your views.
  3. Of course, you have the right to withdraw at any time any specific authorisations you may have given us to use your personal data.
  4. Finally, you can submit any complaint to TPS and/or to the Spanish Data Protection Agency (as such the competent Data Protection Control Authority), especially when you have exercised any right and we have not dealt with it in the legally established terms.

You may exercise these rights by sending an e-mail to the following address:, by post to Transfer Pricing Specialists (C/ de la Basílica 19, 4ª Planta 28020 Madrid), or by telephone to +34 910 376 958.

Who is the TPS Data Protection Officer?

In TPS we have appointed a person, the Data Protection Officer, to protect your privacy and intimacy, as well as to ensure that we comply with all the legal requirements of the regulations on the protection of personal data, both Spanish and European.
This person will be in charge of providing you with all the information you need about your personal data. If you need to contact him, you can do so through the following email address:

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